Frequently Asked Questions

What are the access hours?
After you move in, you can access your unit 24 hours per day, every day

What type of units do you offer?
We offer Standard (non-climate controlled) storage units in sizes from 5’x10’ to 15’x25’, and Climate Controlled (temperature not humidity) units from 5’x5’ to 10’x20’. We also have High Roof units in sizes from 10’x10’ to 15’x30’. For Outside Parking we have spaces in three sizes: 10’x20’, 10’x30’ and 10’x50’
When can I move in?
If we have a unit for you, you can move in anytime during normal office hours. After your initial move-in you will have 24hr/7 days per week access.
Am I required to sign a long-term lease?
NO! We provide a flexible month to month option, so you can store with us short or long term.
How do I pay my storage bill?
You can pay in person, mail a check or money order, or make a payment through our website. You can also sign up to have funds automatically deducted from your credit card/savings/checking account monthly.
What documentation do I need to rent a unit?
A valid form of government issued ID such as a driver’s license, passport, or state ID.
What items am I not allowed to store?
Perishables, plants, animals, stolen or illegal good, flammable or hazardous items, combustible items or liquids Please see your lease for a complete list of items you cannot store or ask us if you have questions.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept checks, money orders, VISA, MasterCard, Discovery, and cash.
What security features do you offer?
We offer 24-hour security camera recording, coded gate entry, locks on individual units (required) and perimeter fencing and security lighting.
Do you sell boxes and storage supplies?
Yes, we have storage supplies for sale in our office.

How do I get into my unit?
At the time of your rental, you will be given your own gate access password. Each storage unit is locked with a circular lock you may purchase from us or bring yourself.
Do you have dollies and hand carts?
Yes, you are welcome to use our complimentary carts and dollies to move in.

Storage Calculator

Bed, King Size
approximately 70 cubic feet
Bed, Double Size
approximately 55 cubic feet
Bed, Single
approximately 40 cubic feet
Bed, Bunk (set of 2)
approximately 70 cubic feet
Dresser, Chest of Drawers
approximately 30 cubic feet
Cedar Chest
approximately 15 cubic feet
Ironing Board
approximately 10 cubic feet
Side Tables
approximately 10 cubic feet
Wardrobe Boxes (30 hangers)
approximately 10 cubic feet
approximately 10 cubic feet

Size Suggestion

To receive a size suggestion, select the items you wish to store.